A Pro Makeup Artists Kit

I am often asked what should be included in a Working Makeup Artists Kit.

Q..Where does someone aspiring to become a MUA start?

A..The first step to successfully start your journey is to have a fully functional kit that covers all global skin tones.

Q..Does an aspiring MUA really need all these types of products?

A..Yes, if you don’t have a fully stocked kit with pro quality products then its not time to be charging clients yet.

Q..Is it ok to just to stock my kit with things from the drugstore, $ store, or those $8 pallets off Ebay?

A..There are always going to be some Gems that pros use and love that are drugstore, but the ONE thing you never want to skimp on is your foundation.   You always want to use a good quality foundation that has been proven to hold up to the heat of professional lighting and has the pigmentation to work for Film, TV, or Photography.

Q..I dont have much money to start with though, and we all start somewhere.

A..Yes all the working pro artists did start from square one with our business.  The operative word here is “Business” and what needs to be kept in mind is this is a business.  You would not open a boutique dress shop with only a handful of dresses, or run to the thrift shop to stock it, why because that is not how a business is run.


Here are the basics of what should be included in your Kit.

A No Water Needed and Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
Makeup Remover Wipes
Facial Moisturizer 
Eye Cream
Matifying Gel or cream like Nurturing Force Blot Out 
Line Filler like Motives Invisiline

Pro Quality Foundation Palettes

Pro Quality Foundation Palettes

COMPLEXION – Covering all Global Skintones and HD Compliant 

Liquid Foundations – Adaptable for airbrush. 
Full Coverage Cream Foundations/Concealers 
Alcohol activated waterproof makeup in Skin Tone and SFX colors (Skin Illustrator, PPI, or Reel Creations)
Heavy Coverage Makeup (for tattoos, scars, etc.)
Mixing Medium to create airbrush makeup from liquid or to thin creams
Cream Palette  Colors (for SFX or creating correctors). Like Rescue Palette Fard Cream 
Foundation Powders both Pressed and Loose
Loose Setting Powder  Like Diamond Allure
Bronzers –  Matte in light & dark NO Shimmers for Film or TV
Blush Palettes  Warm – Light Peach to Deep Peach, and Cool – Soft Rose to Deep Plum

Pro Quality Eye Palettes

Pro Quality Eye Palettes

Eye Shadow – 3 palettes (Matte in Neutrals & Bright, Some Shimmer)
Cream/Gel or Cake Eye Liner (Black and Brown)
Eye Liners – Black, Brown
Mascara: Black, Brown and Clear (Regular and Waterproof)
False Eyelashes/Individuals Eyelashes-Black and Brown
Eyelash adhesive (latex and latex free) like House of Lashes

Lip Liners – 3 nude colors to outline lips on all Global Skin Tones
Lipstick palette (Basic colors)
Lip-glosses (Clear,Sheer Metalics)
Lip Balm (non shiny) I prefer a Bees Wax base

Tweezers/Small Scissors/Eyelash curler
Makeup Brushes/Makeup Sponges/Blotting Papers
Stainless Steel Palette or Artist Wax Paper Palette Pad
Artist Palette Knife
Disposable Mascara Wands
Tissues/Assorted “Q-Tips”/Cotton pads
Instant Brush Cleaner/Sanitizer
70% Alcohol for sanitation
99% Alcohol for activation of products like PPI or to Clean Air Brush (NOT for Sanitation)
Set Bag or Belt

Blemish cream or gel
Wisps/ disposable tooth brushes
Dental Floss
Disposable Razor/ shave cream
Magic Shave
Small spray bottle water
NuSkin or Liquid Bandage to cover sores or scabs
Aloe Vera Gel
Eye Drops Redness/Rewetting
Individual containers for eye drops
Contact Lens Case
Body Powder
Body Moisturizer
Nail polish remover wipes
Clear Nail Polish
Small Nail Kit
Travel Sewing Kit/safety pins
Stain Stick (Tide)
Wrinkle Release (travel size)

Small First Aid Kit
Cortisone cream
Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Antibacterial cream/ointment
Sting Stick for fire ants  or bee or wasp sting

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  1. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!! Michele always with the dose of reality. It’s so important to invest in your kit at the beginning! Take your business seriously and start off RIGHT!

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