Froze off, to make new

So, I am sitting here drinking my coffee, thinking about the temperature being 21 degrees here in San Antonio and how pretty much every plant in my yard will probably die off and will have to start from new. Then it hit me, what’s really wrong with that? Todd Bentley is in town for a few days for Revival Culture SA events and he spoke about a fresh start, a new beginning in our lives. Was that God’s plan? Did our plants need a new beginning just like our lives? Was there something going on that just needed to go?

I recently went through a change like that, been at a company for 11 years, wasn’t really happy, wasn’t growing, but I really didn’t want to let go and move on. God had other plans, you see Michele was deep in her Healing Ministry, but I wasn’t. I really didn’t believe in what she was doing. He needed to shake me up. I was unexpectedly let go from my job on September 23rd, the following week God started to work on me. You see if I wasn’t at home I wouldn’t have really seen what Michele was doing, I wouldn’t have witnessed the woman that God had sent to stay at our house for 5 days with multiple personalities from SRA, and how Steve Harmon who was with her was helping her with Gods power in breaking off all those demons holding her hostage. Or the other lady from Alabama dealing with similar things that God told her to fly to San Antonio to be with Michele and get free from the bondage going on inside of her. Or finding our new church home at the Church of Acts with Pastor Bobby and Ronnie Pena.

You see he had a plan. I had 9 weeks of intense training, an awakening so we could now take OUR Ministry to the next level. He opened a door at a new company for me, it’s a new me, a refreshed me. He just had to freeze me off to make me new.

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