The Birthing Process

You carry the baby for months and endured nausea, heart burn and a flood of feelings. Can I do this, am I capable, what if something goes wrong? 

As the gestation progresses you find it hard to sleep, your back hurts, it’s often hard to breath, and you’re just plain tired.  

You start accumulating all the things you believe you will need for your baby.  You listen to all the recommendations and soon realize you have a ton of stuff.  Is it to much, is it not enough, what do you do?

The day comes and your water breaks, now the real pain starts. Nausea, pain, more nausea, more pain, your afraid, more pain. 
It’s time, the midwife says it’s time, PUSH, your baby is finally ready to join you. 

You strain and you push, and at times the pain seems unbearable, but you know the reward is almost here.  
Finally after all the travail the baby is delivered. You hold your precious gift for the first time and all the pain of the process fades away. Those first moments of revelation hit you like a ton of bricks. 
God has given you something extremely precious to nurture and grow.  

Have you been in the process of BIRTHING your ministry and are discouraged because it is so messy, so painful, and so long? 

Birth is still Birth. Both  in the physical and supernatural worlds. 

Now comes the growing and maturing. 

In the natural comes dirty diapers, colic, spit up and yes the crying. In the supernatural comes the same messiness. Among all the messiness is the smiles, and the cooing, the moments that melt your heart. Your baby must learn to sit alone, to crawl and then to stand.  

Do we become discouraged when our natural BABY is not mature overnight?  
Then why become discouraged when our supernatural baby is still maturing? 

Why do we become discouraged when our supernatural BABY takes a tumble and a misstep as it learns to walk, and we cry in despair and think it’s all over?  

As a baby learns to walk is it not steadied by holding its Fathers hand? Remember this is all a process.

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