Want to end it all?

Have you ever felt like ending it all?

This is how the spirit of death and suicide works to get you in the pit and keep you there for good.

You have had another bad day, it was really horrible. People were mean, rude, selfish, and just bullies.
This is when the enemy starts whispering in your ear. He says "you're worthless, a failure, ugly, stupid, you will never be good enough, you're to fat or to thin, you're never going to find love, no one likes you anyway, your life is hopeless and meaningless".

You have heard the whispering a thousand times before, but this time he says "it's time to end your pain, don't you want to be out of pain?"

You take out paper and through tears streaming down your eyes you write your goodbyes. You convince yourself that everyone will be better off without you. You pull out the pills, or the gun and look at them.
You hear a faint whisper of someone saying "no don't do this I love you", but fear and grief has become a comfortable friend and you block that voice out.

Your grab the pills, or gun and take your last look at the life that seems hopeless to you.

Your best friend, roommate, brother, sister, mom or dad don't understand why your not answering them so they go to find why and find your lifeless body.
They are screaming your name, crying, hurt, confused, devastated, they call 911 but it's to late your gone.

The next day there’s an announcement at school, work and social media about your suicide. As it sinks in people that knew you go quite and start blaming themselves and each other pointing fingers and blaming each other.

Your bosses or teachers all think "maybe we were to hard on them". The mean girls and the bullies remember all the words they slung at you. The ones that teased you about your looks wish they have had said the truth that they were really just jealous of how beautiful you really were.

Your Ex that broke up with you cant handle it and breaks down crying. Your friends and acquaintances are devastated. How could they have missed seeing how sad you were, what could they have done. Your BFF is numb, they are screaming and shaking just staring at the wall. They knew you were upset but not this sad, not sad enough to end it all.

It’s a few days later, at your funeral the whole town comes. Everyone knew you, that person who was always so helpful and willing to help. The one who always seemed to have it together,and nice to everyone, the life of the party. Everyone has good memories about you.

After the funeral is when the fun really begins for the evil one, as now he starts whispering to them.
A few years go by and your teachers or bosses have quit their jobs because they are failures at leading. All the ones who bullied you have eating disorders or have become cutters. You Ex has "realized" they will never know how to love, so just sleep around having meaningless sex.
Your friends are all dealing with depression, and your BFF, they have tried to kill themselves several times.

Your parents marriage has fallen apart. Your mom was diagnosed with depression and just lays in bed all day crying. Your dad never leaves work and has started drinking heavily just so he does not have to think.

People DO care, even if you don't think so, but they do.
Your choices don’t just effect you, they effect everyone.
Don’t end your life, you have so much to live for.

God has a purpose for your life, that's why Satan hits you so hard.
Things can’t get better if you give up.

Cry out to God.
Call on Jesus.
He is there and will save you.
You are LOVED.
You are WORTHY.
You are SPECIAL.
You have a PURPOSE.

Talk to someone, anyone and ask for help.
Don't keep it to yourself, it's never to late until it's to late.

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