Would he be showing up to church impeccably groomed?

Dressed in the latest fashion statements?

If you look at scripture it tells you what he would be doing.

He would be doing crazy things.

All because he loves crazy people.

He loves the sinner.

He loves the prostitutes.

He loves those who over eat.

He loves the bikers.

He loves the unloved, and the outcasts.

He loves the men and women sitting in church addicted to porn.

He loves the adulterer.

He loves those with road rage.

He loves the homosexuals.

He loves the little gossipy ladies at church.

He loves the tattooed.

He loves those with crazy colored hair.

He loves the alcoholic.


He would be tipping religious cows.

He would mess up crazy religious ideas.

He would stand up to and challenge people you think someone must be crazy to challenge.


He would be messing with the minds of the respected theologians.

He would rock the proverbial theological boat.

He would take sacred “doctrine” and turn it upside down and sideways.

It’s so easy to be in the safe section of mainstream Christianity.

But decide to actually walk and act like Christ YIKES.

Watch out, you will most likely be called a crazy hieratic.

Your going to wreck everyone’s nice neat little plans.

But what will you actually be doing?

Healing the sick.

Making blind eyes to see.

Opening deaf ears.

Raising the dead.

Casting out demons.


It makes a great saying for a wrist band.

But are you prepared for the real answer?

Are you really asking and desiring a real answer?

If you are then be prepared to have your world rocked.

Be prepared for a cosmic shift in your entire belief system.

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